Tesco and the story behind the brand

We are one of the leading businesses in terms of grocery and have by far the highest number of super and hypermarkets in over ten countries, mainly in Europe. But not many know what lies behind the brand’s name. Therefore, hereby we would like to represent you with the short story of this world famous brand the Tesco.

First of all, not many would think that the brand is slowly getting closer to its one century anniversary. Indeed, Tesco was founded by Jack Cohen back in 1919 and it was none other than a group of market stalls at an East London marketplace. Thanks to the business brilliance of Mr. Cohen, this business has slowly but surely grown out to become one of the largest profiting grocery store chains in the world. The first real Tesco opened in 1929, and then the rapid expansion has started, which was mainly achieved by Tesco starting to buy out smaller then mid-range grocery store chains throughout the area of the United Kingdom. In a mere 10 years’ time by 1939 there were 100 Tesco supermarkets throughout the UK.

The expansion hasn’t stopped ever since but in the 2000’s Tesco has started to pay an even closer attention to the needs of customers and has begun to diversify its ranges of stores according to the local needs in each city or town. The first smaller Tesco Metro stores have started to open at high traffic points throughout London and the largest cities, while the largest hypermarkets have stayed in the agglomeration. There are various other ranges of stores ranging from the smallest Tesco Express to the largest Tesco Extra stores too.

Tesco has started an expansion to the foreign market back in the Nineties by opening its first hypermarkets in Poland. Further stores opened up in the neighboring countries, including Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

The business politics of Tesco is to buy out local stores or grocery brands and make contracts with local farmers and other agricultural associations in order to ensure the quality and the non-stop supply of its products in every country.

Tesco has tried to set foot in the United States as well, but by 2013 it was evident that the expansion will not be a fruitful one. Today Tesco’s headquarters is located in Welvyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. As of the 2015 stock results, Tesco is currently enlisted as the 28th largest company in the world.

Apart from its diverse range of stores Tesco is also world famous of being the first ever grocery store which has started an online store with delivery for its products. It’s also the only grocery store chain which could make its internet shop still profitable even in times of the Global Economic Crisis.

Tesco has a much improved Clubcard system and a Tesco credit card which makes credits a whole lot easier for all those who cannot afford to pay the whole amount for a more expensive electronic device.

Learn more about Tesco by checking out its homepage or calling the Tesco contact number.