Tesco brands – Farms ranges

Tesco has become popular by being cheap and easy to access throughout the UK but throughout the past years the brand has decided to diversify and create several specific ranges of brands which would bring a higher quality in Tesco shopping. In this chapter we would like to say a few words about the brand new Tesco organic farm ranges which would bring a big change in the variation and overall quality of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Specific and organic farming is becoming more and more important for a growing number of people, when it comes to choosing the products they are to buy. This is the exact reason as to why Tesco has also decided to become a leading expert in terms of prodiding its customers with assured quality in its fresh products, including dairy, fruits, vegetables and fresh meat and seafood products.

Tesco has decided to cooperate a couple of assorted and certified farms throughout the United Kingdom, which guarantee the high quality and freshness of its products. Each farm range has a different specialization which we would discuss below:

Suntrail farms and Rosedene Farms: These two farm labels guarantee high quality assortment of vegetables and fruits offering both local and imported goods. Willow Farms: Willow represents high quality poultry meat which includes farm whole chicken and chicken parts.

Woodside Farms: Woodside farms is the farm which guarantees the best quality pork, bacon and sausages available on the market.

Boswell Farms: This farm label gives guarantee of the best quality beef products including high quality beef steaks, sirloin steak, ribeye steak, beef mince and many others.
Redmere farms: this farm provides the freshest and ripest vegetables next to the above two farm products.

Nightingale Farms: if you are to buy fresh salad then this is the label to look for where customers can choose from salads including beetroot, peppers, cherry tomatoes, lettuce and many others.

Bay Fishmongers: this is the label which brings you fresh assortment of fish and various other types of fresh seafood.

These farms are all existing family businesses or larger farms dealing with vegetables, fruits or animals and they are not all British: they produce goods all over the world and have been chosen from thousands of applicants to become Tesco’s certified suppliers. Tesco works with a very specific scheme that also provides guarantee to its products’ quality. This scheme is called Red Tractor and it’s a specific assurance scheme that Tesco is using and to which all products need to be compliant with. While the farm labels are currently only available in Tesco’s UK Stores the brand is planning to create a similar label system in every other country where it has hypermarkets in and outside of Europe.

In addition to the compliance the farm labels also guarantee high standards of animal welfare too ensuring that all animals are kept in good, humane conditions. Tesco head office number is available to be called for any enquiries anytime of the day.

Each farm label is available online on the official website of Tesco where customers can get even more information on what the farm labels mean and read some more about the Red Tractor scheme of Tesco too.