Tesco- representing Tesco Finest

Tesco is one of the largest chains of grocery stores and hypermarkets all across Europe, having stores in over 10 other countries in the world. Tesco can largely thank its success to its great prices which are also paired up with good to super-high quality goods. In order for them to be ready to provide with this guarantee Tesco made sure to create its own brands right on time. The huge chain has its own meat factory, its own bakery and its own dairy farms in order to keep an eye on every single phase of production. This is by far the best and more economical way to really ensure quality.

This time around we would like to say a few words about Tesco’s own brands and represent them to you.

Finest range: this is Tesco’s newest brand which was created for the sole reason to represent customers with the above-par quality grocery products, the finest quality meat and some outstanding options of meals. The finest range is dedicated for those who do love to eat and who love to experiment in the kitchen using the best ever quality products. The finest range also contains lots of traditional British food such as the every famous chutneys, the onion jams and tons more.

The sections of Finest Range include the following:

  • Champagne, beer, wine and spirits: the best quality assortment of all drinks which contain alcohol

  • Treats: the best quality Swiss and Belgian sweets and further treats can be bought in this section

  • Fresh meat and fish: the best quality meats are available in this section ranging from the regular

  • Chicken and pork meat to specialty meats such as seafood and game

  • Bakery : the freshest baked specialties belong in this section

  • Prepared and chilled: great choice for ready-made specialties

  • Dairy: the finest quality cheese and other products from all over the world

  • Fruts, vegetables and salads: the freshest products ever featuring the best imports from all over the world

  • Frozen goods: frozen can also be high quality. Try out one of the frozen goods to see this theory be true

  • Drinks – the finest quality assortments of tea and coffee are included in this section and this is just the beginning!

  • Food cupboard: ever felt like trying out real handmade Italian pasta? Here is your chance to do so and the variety of products here are simply amazing

Despite the prices being understandably higher in return for the great quality, there are tons of deals in this section too and what’s better: all of these can also be bought online as well. The Finest range is really something overly special and it’s a definite must-check for everyone who has the love for great quality food and drinks.

Everything can be shopped online, the payment options are various (customers can pay with over 3 sorts of bank or credit cards) and everything will be delivered without failure to your doorstep too. If you have any questions call Tesco head office telephone number anytime of the day.